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Third-year students: welcome to the world of microbes.

Tuesday 25 September, 2007

This is a special message to the third-year students of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University.

In the next few lines, I hope to introduce you to this weblog (created in February 2007) that aims to be a learning tool of microbiology and immunology, but also a place where you can express your thoughts about this exciting science and your opinions about the course as well.

Don’t hesitate to comment on every post in this weblog. Don’t hesitate to add information, correct errors, critique the course outline and lectures, etc…

The third year’s first semester is focused on general microbiology, microbial genetics, and immunology (teaching team), while the second semester is a medical microbiology course.

Textbooks I suggest you read are:

You will find at least the first four textbooks in the library.
Otherwise, you can find plenty of good resources online (find links in the blogroll on the right side bar, in this same page). I specially recommend:
Todar’s Online Textbook of Bacteriology
University of South Carolina Microbiology and Immunology Courses

Wait for more details about the course, the lectures, the quizzes, and the labs…
Best of luck this year!

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