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Want to learn more about PCR and electrophoresis?

Sunday 25 March, 2007

I have no doubt that many of you did not understand the principle of PCR in the lecture; it is really hard to get it in 20 minutes. I hope that the printed material helped you a little bit better.
Moreover, many of those who understand the principle still cannot imagine how things are performed in practice.
It is very hard to get enough PCR thermocyclers to let you all perform the reaction, but you may enjoy the following links that present illustrations and animations on the principle and methodology of PCR and gel electrophoresis.

A PCR thermocycler looks like this one below:

A typical electrophoresis apparatus is shown here:

Now, more resources:

Principle of electrophoresis (includes a simple animated cartoon)
Principles of gel electrophoresis

PCR (The University of Alabama in Huntsville Laboratory for Structural Biology)
Principle of the PCR
PCR animation (The page takes a while to launch but it’s really worth waiting. BEST ANIMATION TO DELIVER THE AMPLIFICATION CONCEPT)
Another good animation

Please suggest more links and I will put them one by one for you…

On the types of hemolysis

Friday 2 March, 2007

One image I found interesting about differentiating the three types of hemolysis:

I have no idea to whom the picture credit should go; I found it in this page from Dr. Victor Nizet’s laboratory’s web site.

One more image:

Check out this link about hemolysis- it is really one of the best.

I will keep reminding you that this site is yours. Please feel free to suggest–by commenting below–any other good pictures you find interesting.

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