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Want to know more about bird flu?

Saturday 17 March, 2007

In the prelab lecture, I gave you a very brief idea about the efforts to contain the avian flu epidemic. Below is a list of resources that may help you discover more about this very serious viral threat.

* Check out:
Transmission of avian flu
Why/How avian flu infects humans?
The NAMRU-3 laboratory in Egypt


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) report
The World Health Organization (WHO) report
Wikipedia page
Infleunza Virus Resource: Information, Search and Analysis
The bird flu blog
Bird flu monitor

Protected: Enterobacteriaceae (I) Prelab Lecture Notes [To view, use the password provided in the lecture]

Wednesday 14 March, 2007

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Staph aureus: is the color just ornamental?

Wednesday 7 March, 2007

You have all seen in last week’s lab how Staphylococcus aureus produces the characteristic golden yellow pigment that gave this species its name (aureus: web definitions). Have you wondered why the pathogenic staphylococci produce this pigment unlike other species that are not professional pathogens and whose colonies have different colors?
As a matter of fact, scientists working in the field of microbial pathogenesis have also been curious about this golden pigment, and it was very recently that they reached some plausible answers.

Golden pigment-producing staphylococci (left) cause mouse skin lesion unlike non-golden colonies (right).

Try to find out how this golden pigment can help staphylococci overcome the human defenses- Make a guess before you find the answer in literature. The answer is not in textbooks yet! You have to find it by searching scientific literature: check, for example, PUBMED, or… how about Google Scholar?

The answer will be posted in this weblog next week month. You can always click on the “comments” link below these lines and post whatever you found. All you need is to put your email address, which will be kept private. I prefer that you put your name and serial number as well- but it is not a condition.


  • What do you know about pigments in general from your pharmacognosy classes?
  • What do you know about golden pigments in general? In food products?

On the types of hemolysis

Friday 2 March, 2007

One image I found interesting about differentiating the three types of hemolysis:

I have no idea to whom the picture credit should go; I found it in this page from Dr. Victor Nizet’s laboratory’s web site.

One more image:

Check out this link about hemolysis- it is really one of the best.

I will keep reminding you that this site is yours. Please feel free to suggest–by commenting below–any other good pictures you find interesting.

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