About this weblog

I started this blog while teaching a microbiology course in Cairo University as a quick tool to communicate with my students, challenge them with questions, and get their feedback. Later, as I managed to get a better place for posting educational stuff, the blog slowly evolved (or is rather slowly evolving) into a microbiology and immunology blog directed to a wider audience.

Ramy K. Aziz

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University


4 Responses to “About this weblog”

  1. a.salama Says:

    gazakom allah khayran

    3rd new system

  2. s.positive Says:

    thanx a lot!!!! a marvelous website

  3. lisa Says:

    it so beautiful way to communicate with you . thanks for your hard work with us .

  4. quiet Says:

    thanx alot

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