When your job is to discover microbes and give them names…


Dr. Mostafa Elshahed–a graduate of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (FOPCU), Class of 1993–will give a seminar about his research to uncover the hidden soil microbiome. Dr. Elshahed was a demonstrator in the Department of Microibology and Immunology at FOPCU who got his PhD from the University of Oklahoma and is currently an assistant professor at Oklahoma State University.

Dr. Elshahed’s work is focused on the discovery of new microbial strain, especially extremophilic bacteria and archaea. It is really an interesting job to isolate microorganisms from the environment; the challenge is that most of these organisms cannot be cultured!

This work raises a lot of interesting questions: How to find new organisms when you cannot culture them? How to know that the microbial DNA you belongs to a new organism? How to analyze complex metagenomic data (with multiple living forms involved in a single habitat)? How to name the new organisms? Can you give them your name (aren’t there bacteria called Pasteurella after Louis Pasteur)? Do you have to study Latin grammar?

Dr. Elshahed has kindly accepted to answer all these questions in an article that he wrote specially to Egybio.net. Read the article here


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4 Responses to “When your job is to discover microbes and give them names…”

  1. pharma2010 Says:

    it is very great news

    but can student attend ??

    and when will the seminar ??

    thanks alot doctor

  2. RKA Says:

    Dear pharma2010,
    I am really sorry for the late notice. I thought there were enough announcements posted in the faculty buildings: the workshop was today- Monday 25 Feb at noon, and about a dozen of students have attended.

  3. pharma2010 Says:

    thanks very much doctor for replay

    i am sure it was interesting

    thanks god any way

  4. Mike Says:

    Hey, its my advanced microbiology teacher from OSU!

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