Week 2-3 lectures (Part I- Chapters 2-3) now online

Dr. Aymen Yassin has released the online version of his lectures as online PowerPoint presentations. You can browse these lectures and review all the slides that were presented in the lecture room. Obviously, the purpose of putting these slides online is to provide you with the color figures and to let you take notes if you have missed a slide or two. However, they are not handouts or summaries and are NOT lecture notes (Don’t print them as your study tool!) Always resort to the book, or–better–to your own notes taken during the lecture and matched with info in the book.

How to access the lectures?

Well, the lectures will permanently be a part of the online course that will be coming out very soon next week on courses.egybio.net. There is one trick: you will need a password! Temporarily, you may access them following the links below. You will be asked to enter a username and password (these may be changed every week or two).

The username is:
The password is the answer to the following question (one word- small letters):
What is the third domain of life discovered by Carl Woese? (pay attention to the spelling)

Chapter2: Classification and Identification of Microbes

Chapter 3: Structure of the Prokaryotic Cell.

If you have any problems with reading the text, or if some characters are scrambled, make sure you set your broswer’s encoding to Unicode (UTF-8) (how?)

Good luck!

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8 Responses to “Week 2-3 lectures (Part I- Chapters 2-3) now online”

  1. Radwa Raed Says:

    ููThanks a lot Dr

    The idea of the password is pretty cool too ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. ourteam2008 Says:


    I would say that too.

    It is great idea , Dr

    and the it is so cool that it will change every 1-2 week

    we wait for the next password.

    and thanks for your geat efforts

  3. Hosam allam Says:

    Thanks … ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. alaa Says:

    That is good method for learning but I want to download the lectures on my computer

  5. RKA Says:

    downloading the lectures is not an option for many reasons. I will tell you one of them:

    The PowerPoint presentations contain copyrighted material and material that we are allowed to use only for teaching purposes but not to distribute online. It is illegal to make these resources downloadable and we strongly respect the rights of people who has made their resources available to us.

  6. Aya Says:

    Thanks alot Dr and I wish a happy year for us with Microbiology

  7. donia Says:

    thanks dr for your effort

  8. eman taha Says:

    Thanks alot DR RAMY

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