This week’s lab procedures available online and in print

Handouts containing detailed procedures for this week’s laboratory session (Microscopy and Staining) are available both as hard and soft copies.
– Find a PDF copy in the course website(login as guest or register as a student)
– Find a paper copy in the photocopying booth كشك التصوير at Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University, Qasr El Einy Street


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4 Responses to “This week’s lab procedures available online and in print”

  1. Islam Ghena Says:

    i’m very happy with this new method of contact bet. us & u doc.
    i just have acomment on the 3rd lecture of this week it s very bulk & the doctor had many important illustrative pics we don’t know how 2 get it.
    another thing .. about the time of the next section our group have 2 sections on wednsday it will be very stress on us ..
    thanks for hearing 2 us . i wait 4 todays lecture……

  2. RKA Says:

    thank you for your feedback.

    Dr Aymen is currently preparing the lectures to be put online. It really takes lot of time, so please give him and me the chance to make the files available with all pictures in full color online.
    Of course the illustrative pictures are important, but we want to make sure that you are not required to draw anything in details except simple diagrams.

    The department has no word about the schedules. We execute whatever the administration decides- I think though that many of your colleagues have requested this schedule change.

  3. raghda Says:

    I am very happy with this site and with team of micro this year.
    I just need the lecture content to be less because lectures & specially last lecture are very bulky.
    I also want to say that i like microbiology so much –
    Thanks to you doctor &to all team of micro this year.

  4. RKA Says:

    Thank you Raghda. I hope you will remain happy till the end of the fifth year.
    There are many factors that make the lectures seem a bit long:
    1) Each of the lectures you’re having is actually two combined consecutive lectures (of 45 min). This will change after Eid as you will have two independent lectures, one hour each.
    2) We have to give you a general introduction about basic microbiology in only seven lectures, so we’re trying to tell you lot of things in the little time available.
    3) We are not asking you to memorize all the content of the lecture. A lot of examples and figures are just intended to make you understand but are obviously not to be memorized. I hope we will make this clear in the future lectures and in the revision session.

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