Get ready for next lecture: read about bacterial structure

Here are some suggestions to help you get prepared for next week’s lecture (Tue 2 October, Wed 3 October) about the prokaryotic cell’s structure, by Dr. Aymen Yassin:

  1. Read the main points in Part I, Chapter 3 in your book. You don’t need to read the whole chapter. Alternatively, get used to “skimming” though the text: read the main titles/ find the keywords by reading rapidly through the chapter/ look at the figures and get an idea about what they represent (More tips on speed reading can be found here and here)
  2. Read about bacterial structure in Todar’s Online Textbook of Bacteriology or USC School of Medicine Bacteriology, Chapter One (you may even download the whole lecture from this page, or see the presentation and listen to the lecture here!). Isn’t all this amazing?
  3. Check the “Explore the bacterial cell” interactive animation (by clicking on the image below). Try to find out the function of each part of the cell.

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4 Responses to “Get ready for next lecture: read about bacterial structure”

  1. Hosam allam Says:

    thx …

    but i just wonder if there is other educational sites for other subjects we have supported with video

    really .. this can make difference ..:)

  2. Radwa Raed Says:

    that doctor in the USC school is spectacular

    he is SURELY british from that accent =D

    i never knew foreigner students could have access to lectures from such universities

    thanks a lot

  3. RKA Says:

    It may be British or Australian accent; I’m not sure.

    I’m sure that I will find video lectures; for now, I am putting what I find as soon as I find it 🙂 By the way- you may download the lecture as Powerpoint/ you can see the streaming as slideshow with audio comment, or of course, download the mp3.

    Check other resources on the e-learning platform. You can create a username/password or login as guest and browse the practical course. The theoretical part will come later.

  4. Hosam allam Says:

    thx ..:)

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