Staph pigments competition: Three winners already!

We already have three winners for the Staph pigments competition.

The winners are
1) Samar Galal Ahmed Kabeel (سمر جلال أحمد قابيل) emailed the right answer at 4:28 PM, Cairo Time
2) Mohammed Shehta Mostafa (محمد شحتة عبد النبي مصطفى) posted the right answer at 9:02 PM, Cairo Time
3) Soha Khairy ElMekkawy (سهى خيري المكاوي) handed out a full answer at 3:30 PM, Cairo Time, in the laboratory.

All others, please keep sending your answers.

2 Responses to “Staph pigments competition: Three winners already!”

  1. mina Says:

    Can you put links to immumology websites please? Thank u for ur great effort

  2. Islam Ghena Says:

    It’s our pleasure 2 have you as our prof. this year ..
    as ithink ur method is new and effective except that some elements in the lecture were distracting (e.g., speaking about learning method in other countries and so like that…….
    with my kind greetings!!

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