Staph pigments: Three weeks-no answer? Now there is a prize!

Three weeks ago, exactly on March 7th 2007, I have posed a question related to the pigements of Staphylococcus aureus.
Until now, I have not received a single comment–not even a question–about that post. This surprises me because many people visit the weblog everyday and comment on other posts. In addition, a simple Google search will reveal the answer; so…?!

OK. I will not post the answer yet. I will give you another week. This time, there is an incentive: a prize!
The first three who email me the correct answer will be eligible to win. Alternatively, you can write the answer on a piece of paper and bring it to me in person in the laboratory on Monday April 2nd at 3 pm or Wednesday April 4th at 4 pm.

Condition: I will discuss with you how you got the answer. If you fail to explain how you exactly found it, or I realize that you received it from someone else: no prize!!

3 Responses to “Staph pigments: Three weeks-no answer? Now there is a prize!”

  1. محمد شحتة عبد النبى مصطفى Says:

    it decrease neutrophile action on itself and produce antioxidant matrials keepig it alife (all that in its pigment)

    I wii introduce more details from google search tomorro in the lab.

  2. Staph pigments competition: Three winners already! « Learning Microbiology and Immunology Says:

    […] Learning Microbiology and Immunology Explore the exciting world of microbes… « Staph pigments: Three weeks-no answer? Now there is a prize! […]

  3. nehad mosaad mohamed Says:

    staphylococci aures has yellow pigment may be key to the ability of s.aures to survive immune system attacks
    yellow pigment of s.aures may be afactor of it’s virulens

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