Diagnostic Virology Prelab: Lecture Notes (March 19)

It’s never too late.
Here are the Diagnostic Virology lecture notes, released few hours before the first lab section of this week.

The notes are available for all. You need no password. I put the lecture notes in two sizes:
1) A “regular” size: 4 pages (PDF file)
2) A “smaller” size: 2 pages (PDF file- same everything, but the font is smaller and the lines are less spaced)

Because PCR is a very important technique and because some of you want to understand it better, I put some more information about PCR in an appendix (PDF file). Obviously, information in this appendix is not for memorization and will not be a part in the exam (to calm down exam-oriented students) but only for those who want to read and learn.

– Please, give me feedback on these lecture notes. Are they clear? long? short? too brief? too detailed? Also please let me know if you find any spelling (or scientific) mistake!

5 Responses to “Diagnostic Virology Prelab: Lecture Notes (March 19)”

  1. viox87 Says:

    really excellent,
    it is the 1st time i feel that we r university students and can learn and find study resource through the net,
    i didn’t read it yet and if i have any notes i’ll tell u,
    thanks very much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Reham Says:

    This is really really really wonderful.
    This is the first time i use the internet and look for more information without the feeling that i am forced to do that
    and i have read the appendix about PCR . It is perfect
    and i like the design in the form of question and answers. the pictures also were really helpful
    i hope there will be more appendixes about other inteeisting topics
    جزاك الله خيرا

  3. s.positive Says:

    thanx Dr RKA
    i ‘ ve a question
    why the making mistake in maintaining the temperature of the reaction can givea false positive or a false negative reaction?

  4. s.positive Says:

    the lectures are clear enough,except the point of the reason why we use different temperatures

  5. Rania Says:

    Thank you so much for your effort
    Finally…something is worth studying in our college.
    I never thought I will ever think of actually preparing for the next lecture.

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