Want to know more about bird flu?

In the prelab lecture, I gave you a very brief idea about the efforts to contain the avian flu epidemic. Below is a list of resources that may help you discover more about this very serious viral threat.

* Check out:
Transmission of avian flu
Why/How avian flu infects humans?
The NAMRU-3 laboratory in Egypt


The Center for Disease Control (CDC) report
The World Health Organization (WHO) report
Wikipedia page
Infleunza Virus Resource: Information, Search and Analysis
The bird flu blog
Bird flu monitor

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4 Responses to “Want to know more about bird flu?”

  1. Sarah Says:

    We realy thank you Dr.Ramy and we need many others like you to refresh our present and build our future.Thank you for your efforts which always help me and i wish i’ll be able to be like you trying to do anything useful for my country but i need some encouragement.

  2. s.positive Says:

    Dr RKA.
    please provide us with short notes of yourself,
    i ‘ve a question, what characterising the Avian Flu virus from othe influnza virus that infect human and he get recovered.
    does the Avian Flu has something special to be more virulent?

  3. RKA Says:

    Dear s. positive,
    when the H5N1 strain attacks human it causes lower respiratory tract infection (pneumoniae) unlike other human influenza strains that cause upper respiratory tract infections. However, the major difference between the two viruses is just their receptor specificity.

    The reason I put all these links is that I want you to read more and discover by yourself. I suggest that you go there and find a detailed answer to your questions and post it here. If anything in the pages need clarifications, feel free to discuss it here.

  4. s.positive Says:

    thanx Dr RKA
    i read the links and find the answer for another question i was a bout to ask and i will post it as you advised me.
    the question is”why amantadine and remantadine have not been no longer beneficial in treating avian flu?
    the answer”the resistance is due to mutation in amino acids no 26 ,27,30,31 in the virus”.

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