Welcome to the microbial world…

Welcome to “Learning Microbiology and Immunology,” a pilot weblog for all learners in the fields of Microbiology, Immunology, Infectious Diseases, Microbial Genetics, Microbial Genomics, and more.
The weblog primarily concerns the students of Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University (Cairo- EGYPT)

4 Responses to “Welcome to the microbial world…”

  1. Sara Says:

    Although its not enough, I want to say: Thank you.

  2. Solid Says:

    You are making us love this world…
    I am talking seriously………………………………thank you

  3. Third-year students: welcome to the world of microbes? « Learning Microbiology and Immunology Says:

    […] the next few lines, I hope to introduce you to this weblog (created in February 2007) that aims to be a learning tool of microbiology and immunology, but also a place where you can […]

  4. tamtam Says:

    i think we are going to love and understand microbiology……… as it is new way to study

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